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Transforming Hearts, Renewing Minds

“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” 

                             John 8:32 (NIV)

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Committed to Helping People


 In her more than 20 years in Spiritual/ Pastoral Care, Dana has been helping people find healing and mind renewal through Transformation Prayer. Dana holds a double Masters of Divinity and Pastoral Counseling, and has worked as a Hospice Chaplain, Pastor, and Pastoral Counselor. Most recently, Dana served as the Spiritual Care Professional at one of the nation’s leading centers for addiction treatment and recovery.

It is Dana’s heart and purpose to bring inner peace and a deeper sense of God’s healing presence into each individual’s experiential session.​

Here are a few samples of what many clients have been saying:

 “Dana helped me get my life back on track and find my faith again. I feel so

much lighter, I’m no longer weighed down by my past.” CR

“My session with Dana was a really transforming moment for me. I have been in  AA for more than 20 years, and never really made the connection spiritually. She helped me overcome my resentments, something I never thought I’d be able to do.”  TM

“Dana helped me find the things inside that were breaking me with shame. I loved my sessions with her; they were unforgettable.” AH

“My session with Dana was instrumental to my recovery.” PA

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"...let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think." Romans 12:2 (NLT)


“What am I believing about myself that is causing me to behave in ways that aren’t what I want, or even who I truly am?”

“Why can’t I just let it go after all this time?”

"I just don't think I can bear the weight of this burden of shame and fear any more!"

"I've never really had a spiritual connection and don't really get the "God" part of recovery."


Transformation Prayer is an inner healing process that promotes insight and renewal on a spiritual level, allowing emotional healing to take place.  The deep and hidden beliefs we have about ourselves (“I’m not good enough”,“I’m all alone”,“I’m not loved”,“It’s all my fault”, "I should have known better", etc. ), can create overwhelming emotions like anxiety or shame. Often we respond to the emotional pain by isolating, or behaving in self-defeating ways.

Transformation Prayer provides insight into our TRUE identity, and allows opportunities to let go of wrong beliefs that are blocks to spiritual health and emotional healing. Many people, having experienced Transformation Prayer mind renewal report feeling "Relief", "Peace", "Comfort" or "Lighter". By letting God change the way we think about ourselves on subconscious levels, we can be freed to walk confidently in who we truly were created to be.


 “We all have hurts that need healing. Regardless of how limited, or how deep our understanding of God, it only takes a mustard seed of faith to be set free from a mountain of emotional pain. If we are willing to seek help, we can learn to walk confidently in who we are created to be. Free from the pain of our adverse childhood events, self-protecting vengeful emotions, self-condemning thoughts and traumatic events, we can truly experience peace and in our mind, in our will and in our emotions.”

In Truth,

- Dana

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In person sessions can be scheduled or Telehealth services though "SimplePractice" 

Therapy Office
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Working from Home

In office sessions or 

Telehealth sessions through "SimplePractice", (a confidential platform) are available, including for out of State clients.

Please call or email to set an appointment if you are struggling with any of the following:

  • fear / anxiety

  • shame/ guilt

  • grief / loss

  • spiritual connection

  • resentment

  • depression

  • addiction

  • adverse childhood events

  • emotional trauma

  • abuse / assault

  • frustration / powerlessness

  • crisis of faith​

  • spiritual guidance

  • relationship issues

Workshops scheduled for your group upon request. Some topics covered include:

"Discovering the True You"

"Letting Go of Resentments"

"Learning Gratitude, Finding Joy"

"What Happens to the Spirit in Addiction"

"Spiritual Principles"

"The Masks We Wear"

"Letting Go"

Spiritual Care at your convenience.

Even if you are located outside of the State of Florida, I’m dedicated to helping you find the truth of who you are! Book your appointment via Telehealth, with me to get started on your journey towards finding peace and confidence in your TRUE Self!

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John 8:32 (NLT)

"You will know the truth,

and the truth will set you free."

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